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Domolynx provides advanced portable power solutions designed for versatility and convenience. Harnessing semi-solid state batteries, we offer high energy density and longevity, with a capacity scalable from 6.4 to 64kWh. Our dual voltage output ensures compatibility with a wide range of appliances, while our smart energy management system aids in efficient power use. Experience rapid charging and enjoy the simplicity of our plug-and-play design.evices are designed to keep you powered up no matter where your adventures take you. With the ability to store energy and provide backup power on the go, you can stay connected, power your devices, and enjoy peace of mind wherever your journey leads.

Solution Features

Semi-Solid State Battery Technology

Experience the power of semi-solid state batteries boasting 228Wh/kg energy density and a lifespan of over 10 years for reliable energy solutions.

Scalable Energy Capacity

Providing versatile power solutions with a scalable capacity from 6.4 to 64kWh, accommodating diverse household and business energy needs.

Dual Voltage, High Output

Delivering dual voltage output (120V/240V) with up to 7200W, capable of powering a variety of appliances, from small devices to high-wattage equipment.

Smart Energy Management

Utilizing intelligent energy management systems to effectively monitor, manage, and customize energy consumption, optimizing power usage.

Rapid Charging

Offering fast and efficient charging capabilities, reaching up to 6600W, ensuring power is always ready when you need it.

Plug-and-Play Convenience

Embrace user-friendly design with motorized mobility for easy transportation, and plug-and-play functionality for quick and hassle-free power setup.

Versatile Applications

Feature Products

Super Base V

Stay in charge of any situation with DELTA and keep your devices powered at all times. DELTA has a huge 1260Wh capacity that’s perfect for power outages, outdoor adventures, and professional work.

DELTA 2 Max Portable Power Station

Winner of Red Dot Design Award 2023. EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max Solar Generator.

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